Dr.Palakkal Nagaraj

Creating World Leaders & Stars

For the People

STARSEEDS is an Exclusive Mission, a Manifestation Project Undertaking by SIDDHA COSMIC ENLIGHTENMENT INTERNATIONAL around the world AIMING to Create  WORLD LEADERS & STARS,  across the Globe to enhance  Stream of Happiness, Peace, Harmony , Health & Love for the People , a REAL GRAND MISSION on the PLANET EARTH.

The Mission of Creating World Leaders & Stars is empowered by Transcending Universal Energy from Higher Dimension in to 3D.

We welcome all , who has a thriving passion, love towards human and a burning desire to be a Best Leader, to be a Best Star,  to be the  Best in World in their Expertise. We Steer them to Manifest their Dream in this Beautiful World 


Shri Shri Dr.Palakkal


Starseeds Services

Starseeds World execute projects, guiding individuals, corporates, organizations, or Nations to rebuild, redesign and reshape to a new dimension of real success, happiness and prosperity.  An enhancement with minimum task force in the shortest duration.

The Works are Executed based on the theory of Quantum Physics by Transcending Higher dimensions into 3D, the Material World. The Process Involves Analytical, Troubleshoot and Recalibration, Planning, Redesigning and Implementation followed by Deploying higher Dimensional Force, Aligning it with the Project.


Cosmic Manifestation

Hear It from Those Embrace The Journey

Cosmic Manifestation is an amazing journey. Welcoming people who has a real passion and accompanying them to their winning streak its a true awesome experience and it is a great pleasure to empower people to cherish their dreams in the quickest time. It is like bringing the Real World to them, The Real Success, The Real Happiness. Till date the result is 100%. Hear the experience from few of the people who chosen it around the world. 

If you wish to take the journey of cosmic enrichment with us in the quickest time to experience the amazing results, you are welcome onboard to the Cosmic Plane of STARSEEDS powered by Siddha Cosmic Enlightenment International. It is an easy process. There is no rules, regulations or restrictions. Simply enjoy triumph of your life. 

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His Holiness Dr. Palakkal course, which HH was able to accept me a student after continued persistence for around 18 months, has changed my life's perspective and having been a successful real estate entrepreneur in United States for more than 25 years, now I am on quest to explore my potential.

Bhushan Khanna

"Shifting consciousness from carbon based body to light is the instrumental fuel for all manifestation and raising vibrations"

Shri Shri Dr.Palakkal