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World Women Trade & Investment Forum

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Malaysia World Chamber of Commerce

Women Empowerment

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Advisory to Leadership

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The Cosmic Scientist

Cosmic energy is the highest form of all kind of life force that is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient- which exists in the earth cosmos, between the galaxies, and in the space. It is this energy that animates life and maintains balance in the entire universe. This same principle is applicable to the life of the human being, society, states, nations, continent, the world and it goes on regardless to the cast, creed and colour. It also involves the origin and evolution of the universe, from the Big Bang to today and on into the future. Cosmology it is the scientific study of the origin, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe, world, nations, states, societies and an individual human being too.

Shri Shri Dr.Palakkal a Cosmic Research and Development Scientist actively involved in transformations of various part of the world from National Prospective to an Individual Prospective and vice versa. He have been in the Research and Development of cosmic energy for the past 15 years entered through the Ancient Siddha Tradition and has crossed the barrier of spirituality plane over the material plane of the life and transformation.

His case study and implementation of cosmic energy from a higher vibrational frequency from the subtle level and centrifugal force of the universe and bringing it to the lover material plane of the nations and individuals has created great results in the various continent and across the region for a particular cause. He has been in Planning and Implementation from the Cosmic Subtle level similar of the role of a central computer system imparting Peace, Harmony, Love and Prosperity in the Society, States and Nations across the World. While doing all type of Planning and Implementation on a National or State level, Shri Shri Dr.Palakkal ensure along with top level leaders benefits from his Research and Development Skills, he ensure that the lover vibrational level individuals, society, states and countrymen too embrace the benefits of Peace, Harmony, Love and Happiness as he is aiming for a HAPPY WORLD.

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