Types of Yogic Meditation

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind; it helps manage stress and anxiety and keeps you relaxing. It also helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength and body tone. It improves respiration, energy and vitality. Yoga can bring strength, flexibility and confidence..


We are a composition of the external and internal energies of god. The gross external energy is the gross material body and the subtle external energy – is the mind, ego and intelligence. Behind both energies is the soul, the internal energy. Siddha Yoga is a system to control the mind by using our material body. It is like controlling the infuriate horses of a carrot. When one become deeper in sensual, they loses their identity and forget self.

One of the most beneficial aspect of yogic meditation is it reduces stress and improve emotional well being. It helps us to manage and diminish stress. It dilute unhealthy and aggressive actions by increasing self-awareness and balanced thought process.


Meditation means connecting link between the soul and supreme.

There are many types of Siddha Yogic Meditation. Siddha Yoga means the system, Siddha Yogi Means who practices the system. The object of Siddha Yoga is ultimate goal and that is achieved first by purifying the body, then purifying the mind and finally purifying the soul. It is not important if one is religious or not, but a religious person get benefited from the siddha yoga practice faster and the experiencing their supreme god become easier.

Everyone is trying for self-realization. But we do not know. We are trying to be happy with our available material conditions, some time we become frustrated and confused and we forced to make adjustments in material life. Those who do adjustment in material life can’t reach their aim easily.


According to ancient yoga, there is no true chakra or chakra energy exit in a normal human being. It appears one by one in our body system while progressing in Siddha Cosmic Meditation

  • There is no other yoga or path as simple as Siddha Yoga

  • This is very powerful yoga

  • This is a fast yoga (most suitable for our current times)

  • This is the yoga where the practitioner is NOT required to do anything

  • It does not need withdrawal from the world

Let’s consider some examples, if you want to travel across to another city – there are several ways

  • You can walk there

  • You can go on a Bike

  • You can go by a Car

  • You can go by a Plane

Siddha Cosmic Yoga or Siddha yoga is like using the Plane mode. While practicing Siddha yoga it directs energy around the spine, it gradually neutralizes the eddies of Chitta. It also strengthens the nerves in the spine and brain to receive cosmic currents of energy and consciousness, is called cosmic power. Hence Siddha yoga or yoga of divine awareness is considered the supreme yoga science. It is also observed that during the practice of Siddha Cosmic Meditation the one who practices automatically gives up bad habits and addictions over period of time. Their eating and sleeping habit also improves. Cure of deceases is not the goal but the byproduct of siddha yoga.


Planet Meditation is a kind of meditation connecting our self with the Solar & Associated Planets within the Solar System. In order to bring peace and happiness in our lives, one must channel peace and other positive energies to others around us and to our planet Earth! Planetary Peace Meditation is a loving-kindness meditation but in a very advanced form.


Unlike other environmental meditation which is scripted in most of the internet media, the true environmental meditation has great importance in our life and our nature. It’s all about maintaining and protecting the environment through the media of meditation.


Vastu Meditation / Vastu Kriya – Siddha Vastu is a super natural system, power of nature. Nature means five elements – Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Sky.